Finally Graduated

After finally graduating, I can now give some advice to current and future students that I wish I had been told. Because I am currently looking for a job, most of what I have to say is related to that.

It is very important that you do an internship at a company you would like to work for after graduation, and one that will potentially hire you. Do not choose an internship based on pay, because in the long run an unpaid internship could land you a higher paying job than a paid one depending on what experience and company you'd be working with.

Freshman and Sophomores are not too young to begin looking for a job or internship. There are many programs available for summer work for underclassman that provide very valuable experience and can go a long way to finding a job after graduation.

Start looking for a job your Junior year, and be sure to apply at every major company by October of your senior year. This seemed to be the magic date that employers stopped excepting applications and began the interview process.

If you are even considering graduate school at all, go ahead and take the admissions tests for it and apply at any schools you feel drawn to. This is important because by the time you make up your mind you may have missed all the deadlines (yes, I did that).

Try your best to have a job lined up by graduation. You do not want to be looking for one after you graduate, because that time of unemployment can be very stressful and is a bad way to launch your career.

I wish I could pass this along to every college student in the world, because if I had known these things my life would have been much easier over the last few months. If you know someone in college, or about to enter college, send this along to them so that they will not end up where I am now.

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