College Football

Tomorrow is the first game for most schools football team. I don't know about you, but I love football. Even if you don't, it is a great place to hang out for free with friends and meet new people. Most schools you can get in for free with a college ID.

One of the main aspects of a college football game is tailgating before the game. For those who don't know, tailgating is basically a huge party in or around a truck before a game. You should try to find some people to tailgate with before the game, because that completes the atmosphere.

Just be careful to eat before the game because food in games costs a fortune and is a ripoff. I normally try to take some drinks in with me, at least a bottle of water if nothing else. If I don't then after about 3 hours of yelling I have no voice left.

College football is one of the biggest sports in America, and millions of people are either at games or watching on tv across the country. Take advantage of being in college and go to your games for free while you can, have fun and make some lasting memories.

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Why you should dress up instead of being a slob!

My buddy and I were discussing today how much different we are treated when we dress up instead of just being normal. In college, it seems like no one really dresses up or cares what they look like, and everyone looks like they are walking around asleep. But when dressing up, we have discovered that we are treated differently.

My buddy mainly focused his results on women, and while I have definitely had better results with dressed up, I have observed more how I am treated by everyone. If I am talking to a professor, in general they will listen more intently and be more focused on what I am saying if I look nice, where if I am dressed more casual the professor is just like whatever and acts like they don't care about what I'm saying. My buddy got several numbers from girls today and said that he had girls hitting on him all day. Many of the changes I noticed were little things, but in my opinion they matter and I'll explain why.

I have noticed a difference in how many greetings I get from people. For instance, if I'm walking down a hall or getting on a bus, normally people would just dart their eyes away so there wouldn't be an awkward situation but when I'm dressed up people seem to make eye connection and say hi and introduce themselves. It is as if me dressing up is the difference between people noticing me or not. I consider this a big deal, because I don't want to be invisible. I think that everyone likes to be noticed, and chances are you will meet many more people if people notice that you are present instead of you being just another person.

Let me clarify what I consider dressed up. Most people in college walk around in t-shirts and shorts or sweat pants. To class they will wear jeans and maybe dress up a little bit more. In my opinion, dressing up is just going a level higher than everyone else is. My buddy wore pinstripe pants and a dress shirt, but I just started fixing my hair and wearing stylish jeans and shirts instead of a hat and the first clothes that I saw that morning.

So try dressing up the next time you go somewhere and pay attention to the way people act around you. Do the same thing we did, you and a friend dress up and then discuss your results later. I think you will be surprised at how much a little change like clothing or fixing your hair instead of a hat can make.

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Places to meet people in college

Most colleges have a student life or student activities department that arranges free or really cheap events on campus for students to attend. These are great places to meet new people and make friends. Most of the time there are events set up the first week or weekend for the sole purpose of students just hanging out and meeting people.

If you have problems meeting people, or just need something cheap to do, these events are the place for you. Check your school website and bulletin boards around campus for times and dates of activities put on by the school. Hey, even if you're not really interested in what's going on, you can still have fun just hanging out with people!

By the way, most of this can be applied to athletic events too, so when football season comes around watch out for a tailgate party! Kickoff for most schools is next weekend, so you better find some people to tailgate with now!

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How to read a blog

Many people are still unaware of what a blog is, and how to navigate one. I am going to address how to navigate a blog in this post so if you are not familiar with blogs hopefully you will be more clear after reading this.

To start off, there is a lot of content that isn't on the front page. You can access this by clicking the labels on the right sidebar for different categories that posts are under. Another way to access them is by clicking in the archives, also in the right sidebar. Some of the most valuable content on this site is probably archived, so check out the archives for some more posts!

If you read the blog frequently, you should consider subscribing. You can subscribe by clicking on the orange box in the address bar or by choosing one of the subscribe links on the right side bar. If you put in your email address, posts will be emailed to you. If you subscribe through RSS, you can view it in a reader or in your favorites folder. I subscribe to many different blogs, because by doing this I can click on the RSS feed and see the title of all of the most recent posts. This way I can decide what I want to read without actually going to all of the different websites. This method helps me be more efficient in my time online.

Another option is to just bookmark this site. You can do that by either hitting "ctrl" and "D" at the same time, or clicking bookmarks and bookmark this page (Mozilla, may be different in other browsers).

One of the awesome things about blogs is you can respond to the posts through comments. This makes the articles interactive, and makes you feel more in touch between the author and the readers. Feel free to comment on all of the posts on this blog, just please don't spam the site.

Blogs are cool because they are free to access. Bloggers make money mainly off of ads, so if you wanted to support a particular blogger one good way would be by clicking on his ads. I don't like having ads all over the site, but I have put a few ads on here. I hope that they aren't intrusive or take away from the site as I have done my best to make them unobtrusive.

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The secret to making new friends

We all know a person who seems to know tons of people and has no trouble making friends. You probably have thought to yourself before that you wish you could be like that person and meet people with no problem, but you are introverted and are not good at meeting people. When going off to college for the first time, everyone is nervous because they are leaving their old friends behind and are worried about meeting new people. But this is one of the greatest things about college, you meet all different types of people and establish relationships that will last a lifetime. There are some secrets to meeting people that many people don't realize, and even people who are good at making friends probably don't realize why they are.

First and most obvious, you have to talk to new people in order to make new friends. If all you do is sit in your dorm room all day, you will not meet new people. You need to get out and interact with people on campus, whether at sporting events or just the computer lab. Start random conversations, it's not hard. If you're waiting in a long line, start talking to the people in line with you about how long the line is, then introduce yourself and roll from there. If you're at a sporting event, that's one of the easiest ways to meet people. Just talk about the teams to people around you, because they are obviously interested in them or they wouldn't be there!

A very easy way to start a conversation is with a question. When you ask it, don't act scared or nervous, because that will make the person feel nervous and awkward. Be confident and make eye contact. Listen to what the person says, and continue the conversation from there.

Don't have a really shallow conversation, like, "hi my names jon, have a good day!" Find out about them, where they're from, where they go to school, what they want to do when the graduate, common friends, etc.

An important point is that you must try to initiate conversations and take advantage of every opportunity you have to talk to new people. Always introduce yourself, and go beyond your name and the obvious. Listen to what the other persons says, don't just let one person do all the talking. If you feel like you're doing all the talking, stop and give them a chance to talk, and continue the conversation from what they say.

Soon you will have a large network of friends, which is a very good thing to have. The saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" is very true. Obviously you can't be a complete idiot and go far in life, unless you're a professional athlete or something, but you can be the most educated person in the world and not be successful if you don't know people. The easiest way to get jobs, favors, etc is through friends. I have never gotten a job that I just went out and applied for. Every job I've ever had I have been set up with through a friend.

Friends are a very important part of life, and are crucial to your happiness in college and success after college. So why are you still reading this? Go meet some new people and create some new friendships!

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Move in day part II

Yesterday's move-in went pretty well. I have discovered a few more tips for moving into your dorm.
Don't forget to bring a lockable container. I brought a filing cabinet, because I like to have a lot of space to lock up food and dishes. They can also be useful for locking other things, such as bank statements, valuables, or anything else you don't want other people using or seeing.
Bring lots of stuff to put on the walls, because its better to have too much than too little. Make sure you talk to your roommate first before you hang stuff all over the walls, because you don't want to have any conflicts. Hanging stuff on the walls helps make you feel at home at college, and individualizes your dorm room to show a little bit of you. Personally, I hang up a lot of posters of bands and sports teams, as I have a lot of them and they take up a lot of space. I don't really like the colors of the walls, so I like to take up as much space as possible. Me and my roommate are both big Duke fans, so naturally we have a lot of Duke stuff in our room.
Another tip for move in day is don't get stressed about having stuff everywhere at first, because you will eventually find somewhere to put it, and will probably change the location 5 times before you decide where you will permanently keep it. I just throw my stuff in drawers all over the room, because I know that in the future I will be bored and have time to go through and organize everything, but at the time of move in I was more interested in meeting some new people than organizing my room.
And that reminds me, make sure you bring some storage containers. We have them all over our room, from pull out drawers to filing cabinets to bookshelfs. You will be surprised at how much junk you accumulate, and how much you can cram into a small dorm room with good use of storage containers.
You will probably also want to bring a fan, as it is hard for everyone to be comfortable at one temperature. It is also useful for drowning out noise at night when you are trying to sleep and everyone else is wanting to stay up partying. I run an air purifier and a fan to drown out noise, because I have trouble sleeping when hearing noises from people yelling or other random stuff.
Another very useful thing is either a curtain or a blanket to hang over a window. When you want to sleep in until early afternoon, and trust me sometimes you will, it is much easier if the light from the window is blocked.

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Move in day

Today I am moving into my dorm, and thought I would share some tips for moving in. Because of the size of the typical dorm room in college, you have to be very organized and creative to get everything in. The first thing to do is move all the furniture around to where you want it before you move your junk in. I have discovered this the hard way, as it is very difficult to move furniture when there are boxes and junk sitting every where. Also, don't move in alone. If your parents aren't helping you, get some random people on the hall to help. There are normally people sitting around wasting time that wouldn't mind helping, and you can also use this opportunity to meet new people. My goal this year is to meet as many people as I can, because I believe that networking is one of the biggest advantages of going to college.

One big issue in moving in is your roommate. My roommate and I try to help when the other one moves in, because you need to coordinate with them about who gets which desk, dresser, closet, etc., and you don't want to start on the wrong foot with a new roommate. One of the biggest problems in college is roommate conflict, so it is best to try to avoid this from the start and try to keep things going smoothly.

I will be back either tonight or tomorrow with more information about moving into the dorm at college.

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Where is the money you made this summer?

So you've been home from college all summer, working a ton of hours and making lots of money, right? Well, even if all of that isn't true, hopefully you made at least a little bit of money this summer. The question is, what did you do with this money? Have you blown it all already, is it sitting in the bank, or is it in a dirty sock under your bed? Why not let it make money for you?

Instead of holding onto your money in cash or putting it in a low interest savings account, why not save it and let it work for you at the same time? With an online high yield savings account, if you invest $2,000 you can earn over $100 a year in interest. The highest interest one right now is FNBO Direct at 6% APY. It doesn't have the greatest features, but it is FDIC insured and has a great interest rate. You should use this account if you want to put your money away for a while without having immediate access to it, as it takes several days for transactions to clear. If you want a high yield account that's easier to access, check out ING. You can open an online checking account (called Electric Orange) with an APY of 4%, and with this account you can get a debit card so you can have instant access to it. ING's Orange Savings account has a higher interest rate at 4.5% APY, and you can set it up with your Electric Orange account to move money from one to the other and have instant access.

These accounts have no minimum requirements, and no annual fees. They are a great deal, and if you sign up for ING you can get a $25 referral bonus if you email me for the link to sign up through.

So why are you still holding onto your money? Get online and sign up for one of these accounts! Seriously, its free money without you doing any work. Who doesn't want that?

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5 best places to buy textbooks

Every time I buy my books for the upcoming semester, I feel like I'm getting ripped off by the bookstore. So I have decided that I am going to try to not buy any books there this semester, but find better deals other places. Here is a list of the 5 best places to buy used textbooks besides the bookstore.

#1. Ebay
What can't you get there?
Ebay's textbook website. You don't bid, you just buy it on there. It is competition to Amazon.
#4. Friends.
Often the best deal, because there is no middle man so you both get the best deal.
#5. Facebook marketplace.
I have recently discovered this. Go to your school's network page and click on it, there are great deals on everything from housing to textbooks on there.

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Avoiding the freshman 15

I'm sure you've all heard of the freshman 15. Supposedly most people gain about 15 pounds in their first year at college. This happens for various reasons, mainly unhealthy eating and not enough exercise. It is not that hard to avoid this, though, and you should definitely try to avoid it since it is bad for your health to gain that much weight so fast.

Many freshman in college are overwhelmed by how many options they have for eating when they get to school. Most schools have a dining hall thats unlimited buffet, along with many fast food joints and other places on campus. It is their first time out on their own without their parents holding their hand, and they eat whatever they want to. This may sound good, but if it equals pizza, hamburgers and ice cream all the time it is not good, and you will not only get fat but also take years off your life. I have found that if you look hard enough there are healthy or at least semi-healthy food options available on campus. When I go to the dining hall (rarely) I get a salad and I try to find something healthy like a sandwich or a classic meal like pork chops and green beans. Only eat one serving. I have heard people say to only put on your plate about half as much food as you want, and while this probably works for some people it doesn't for me. I just try to not go back for more and eat healthy.

Another reason for gaining weight is not getting enough exercise. Many campuses have a bus system that kids use instead of walking, so they lose out on that exercise. Then they sit in class for a few hours, then go back to the dorm where they sit the rest of the night. Most campuses have a gym that students can use for free, and obviously it would be good if you used that. I find that it is out of the way for me to go there, and I am not motivated enough to make myself go on a regular basis. If you don't want to go to the gym, there are other ways to get exercise. Leave early for class and walk instead of taking the bus. Join an intermural sports team, that is a good way to get exercise on a regular basis. Take the steps instead of the elevator, and park further back in the parking lot than usual. This has 2 benefits: you get exercise walking further and your car doesn't get as many dents in it.

Another reason for the freshman fifteen is the college lifestyle. Staying up until 3a.m. and snacking and eating junk is a sure way to make you gain weight. If you have to eat late at night you need to eat something healthy, such as fruit or a smoothie, or a bowl of cereal. Eating chips and ice cream and pizza every night will catch up with you, and one way is by gaining weight. Another bad thing about staying up late is you are tired in the morning. You cannot think as clearly when you are tired, which means your grades are probably not as good. If you think about it, most people are not very productive after midnight. Instead of staying up late every night, only stay up if you are doing work or its the weekend. I have started to do this and went from mediocre grades to dean's list in one semester. Another useful tip is try getting up earlier in the morning. I have found that I am most productive in the morning, and am least productive in the late afternoon. Try going to bed earlier and getting up earlier and doing some work and stuff in the mornings. But do not push your homework until the night before or the morning it is due. Trust me, this makes life to stressful. You will enjoy college more if you do your work ahead of time.

For more on not being lazy and being more time efficient, read this post.

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Are you too lazy?

I think that most college students are lazy. I know that I can be at times, but I try to force myself to do stuff, even if its just get up and wash clothes or something. Many students just sit around and watch tv or play video games during all of their free time. I'm not trying to sound like your mom, but that is a waste of time. By wasting time you are training yourself to be lazy, and you will create a habit that will be hard to break later on down the road.

Every successful person that I know is a hard worker and doesn't waste a lot of time. Watching tv and playing video games is not bad if it is done in moderation, but like many other things it becomes bad when you do it in excess. You name a successful person, whether it is Bill Gates, Donald Trump, a professional athlete, or someone else, and I can guarantee that they don't sit around all day and watch tv. Bill Gates would be sitting at home trying to develop a new software, Donald Trump would be trying to tweak his business strategy or buy a new business, and your athletes would be practicing to get better. The fact is, lazy people don't go far in life.

Now, I know that most college students would say that they don't have anything else to do, but this isn't true. You can always find something to do that is productive. Wash your car, clean your house, wash clothes, mow the yard, exercise, start a new project, or do some homework in advance for a change. Or, if you really want to do something worthwhile, start your own business!

Don't train yourself to be lazy, train yourself to always stay busy and work hard. That way when you finally get a life and have a job, you will be a valuable worker and will be able to move up through the company faster. The better your work ethic is, the more successful you will be in life.

Also read 5 ways to be more efficient.
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I just want to remind everyone to subscribe to the RSS feed or email by clicking the link on the right. By doing this you will be able to know when the blog is updated without visiting the site. Thank you to everyone who is already a subscriber.

Also, tell all your friends about this site, email your favorite articles, and spread the word. The best publicity is word of mouth! It will help them and it will help me if your friends and family start reading the site also.

Thank you for visiting the site and supporting me. If you have any suggestions for the site or ideas for stories, feel free to email me at

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10 things every student needs to bring to college

#1. Febreeze

#2. Duct tape

#3. Thumbtacks (put stuff on walls)

#4. Screw driver

#5. Extra car key

#6. Extra contact lenses

#7. Disposable forks and plates

#8. Medicine (ibuprofen, benadryl, neosporin, cold medicine)

#9. Rolls of quarters

#10 Surge protector



Have you ever signed up for a class and ended up with a terrible professor? I know I have. That was before I discovered One of my friends told me about it, and I have used it diligently since then.

What this site does is let students rate professors online in different categories, and also give a brief description of their experience with the professor. I have found this extremely useful when signing up for classes, because I cross-reference every professor before I sign up for their class. It's great because you know what you're getting into when you sign up for a particular class.

Since I have been using this site, I have not gotten a bad professor. Different people have different preferences for classes, which is why I like to use this site instead of just asking friends. You can see a greater variety of opinions on the professors by using this site, and after reading several you have a general idea of how the professor is. Personally, I don't mind writing essays, but I don't like long ones. I try to avoid any professor that consistently gives longer that 6 page essays. I know that this won't happen once I get further into my major, but for now thats one of my goals in signing up for classes.

Also, if you use the site remember to post your opinion of your professors at the end of the semester to help out other people later. I try to always rate my professors, but sometimes I forget.


Ready to quit getting so much spyware?

Have you ever run a spy ware detector on your computer? I hope you have, because I can guarantee you that it is full of spy ware. I have discovered that most spy ware/viruses/trojans/whatever else bad gets on computers gets there through internet explorer. I have started instead using Mozilla Firefox, which is an alternative to Internet Explorer. When using this program, I get about 10% of the junk on my computer that I was getting before.

I also like the layout of Firefox better than Internet Explorer. I find it difficult to use Internet Explorer, and confusing to change settings. Firefox has had many features for a while that IE is just incorporating into their newest release, IE7. My favorite is tabbed browsing, where instead of opening a new window from a link you just open a new tab. This is now becoming a common feature in all browsers, but Firefox has had it for awhile.

Another feature that I like is the bookmarks toolbar. I have my favorite bookmarks to the right of my menu (file, edit, view, etc), so I can easily access them without having to open up the favorites folder and navigate to them. I have my favorite RSS feeds in the bookmarks toolbar too, so I can view them with one click while I am on any webpage.
I encourage you to download Firefox, as it is in my opinion the best browser available right now.


Should you ditch the landline?

I've been reading a lot on different blogs about whether or not it is a good idea to ditch your land line phone and just use a cell phone. I don't have a land line personally, I just use my cell phone. I move around too much to use a land line. I would have to change my number wayyyy too often, but with my cell I always have it with me, so my friends can reach me no matter where I am on the same number, whether at home or work or vacation or wherever. Another reason I don't have use for a land line is I'm not at home very much during the day. It would only be useful for an answering machine but my cell has an answering machine in voice mail, so that eliminates that too.

To me a land line just isn't practical. Its a waste of money every month when my cell has free nights and weekends, and I'm at work or in class during the day so I don't talk very much. And I text way more than I talk, so I don't really need a whole lot of money. If you're worried about the battery wearing out, get a decent phone, and when you think the battery is getting old buy a new battery. That's a lot cheaper than a new phone.

I charge my phone about once every 3 nights, and it's over a year old and still works fine. The battery seems to last forever. One secret to keeping your battery healthy is to not charge it with it on. I never charge mine with it on, never have and never will. My friends and I have experimented with this, and have discovered that it makes a big difference in the life of the battery. Charging the phone with it on is one of the fastest ways to kill a battery.

When you sign up for a cell phone, just make sure you read the fine print and know what you're getting. Make sure you get enough minutes and texts, because they will stack up the fees if you're not careful. Do you still have a land line? If so, you may want to consider ditching it to save a little money every month.


5 ways to be more efficient

Do you feel like you‘re not efficient with your time, or that you waste a lot of time every day. I know I do. So I have started searching for ways to be more efficient and get more done every day.

#1. Pre-plan your day.

-When you get up in the morning, think about everything you want to accomplish that day and write it down. Then make a schedule of what you have to do that day and work in everything you want to accomplish so that you have almost your entire day planned out. By sticking to a schedule, you won’t waste time by trying to think what you need to do and by doing stuff that doesn’t need done.

#2. Schedule in time for yourself during the day.

-Take a break from your work, do something you enjoy for a few minutes. Read a book, take a walk, call your mom, meditate, do something besides work.

#3. Reward yourself.

-If you have something big to do like an essay for a class or a project at work, don’t try to tackle it all at one time. Plan out different steps that you can do to work towards finishing the project, like making an outline for an essay, research, etc. Then start early on these, and reward yourself after each step by taking some time for yourself. By doing this you won’t get stressed trying to do it all at once, and you’ll finish it without being under pressure.

#4. Recap your day.

-At the end of the day, think back over your day and what you can improve upon for the next day. Write down mistakes you made, such as checking your email 500 times, and write it down and what you will do to correct it. Review this in the morning when you make your plan for the day. By doing this, you will be constantly developing into a more efficient person.

#5. Eliminate time-wasters.

-Figure out what you do that wastes time every day. For me, it’s checking my email too often and reading message boards. Once you figure out what you do to waste time, fix it. Instead of checking email every few minutes, schedule times into your day to check it. I recommend replying to all the email 2 or 3 times per day, and if you are worried about not replying soon enough, make an auto-response for your email that says something like, “I check my email at 4:30. If there is something that needs dealt with before then, please call ….”. By doing this the person sending the email knows when to expect a response, and you don’t have to waste time checking your email non stop. If you waste time doing other things like reading message boards, use reading message boards as one of your rewards. When you complete a task, reward yourself by reading the message board. Or during your break do it. But don’t constantly be reading them, because they can be very time consuming. Whatever you waste time on, fix it, and you will be more efficient with your time.


8 ways to lower your cost of living

#1. Get rid of your cable/satellite.

-Instead of wasting a ton of money every month this, just buy seasons of the shows you watch when they come out on DVD. If you watch a lot of movies, get a Netflix subscription or blockbuster. This will save you a lot of money in the long run

#2. Get a small car that cost under $8,000 and gets good gas mileage.

-Calculate how much you spend in gas every year. I don’t drive very much, and I spend about $1400 every year on gas. Getting a smaller car can reduce this cost, and you can also make money if you sell your expensive SUV or whatever you have.

#3. Get a gas rewards card.

-I recommend either the Discover Open Road card or the BP gas card. If you only buy BP gas, get that card, but if you buy different types then get the Discover card. You can save several hundred dollars a year by getting the rewards from these cards.

#4. Buy everything either used or generic.

-Almost everything you buy can be bought on eBay. Most of the time you can save a ton of money on there. For food and other household items, buy the generic brands. It’s the same product, but you get more for your money.

#5. Pay off your credit cards.

-Almost everyone has credit card debt these days, but most people don’t realize that the card companies are sucking money out of their wallets through interest. Credit cards are not a bad thing if you pay them off every month when you get your statement. If you can’t do this, don’t get a credit card.

#6. Don’t drink or smoke or dip or chew or anything else addicting.

-This includes coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, any tobacco products, or anything else you may be addicted to. Drink only water. Its healthier and cheaper. Don’t drink bottled water, drink tap water. If it taste bad get a filter, it’s still cheaper. You can save a ton of money by doing this.

#7. Make your house more energy efficient.

-Do you have high electric bills? If you do a search online, you can find many things to make your home more energy efficient, from power saving lights to solar panels. Think of this as an investment that will add up in the long run.

#8. Stop eating fast food, and eat out for cheap.

-fast food is terrible for you, and its cost adds up quick. Instead of dropping $7 on a fast food meal every day at work, pack a sandwich or something healthy. Try to eat fruit also. When you go to restaurants, eat cheap and healthy stuff like salad and water.

Also check out How to have fun while living frugally.