Have you ever signed up for a class and ended up with a terrible professor? I know I have. That was before I discovered ratemyprofessors.com. One of my friends told me about it, and I have used it diligently since then.

What this site does is let students rate professors online in different categories, and also give a brief description of their experience with the professor. I have found this extremely useful when signing up for classes, because I cross-reference every professor before I sign up for their class. It's great because you know what you're getting into when you sign up for a particular class.

Since I have been using this site, I have not gotten a bad professor. Different people have different preferences for classes, which is why I like to use this site instead of just asking friends. You can see a greater variety of opinions on the professors by using this site, and after reading several you have a general idea of how the professor is. Personally, I don't mind writing essays, but I don't like long ones. I try to avoid any professor that consistently gives longer that 6 page essays. I know that this won't happen once I get further into my major, but for now thats one of my goals in signing up for classes.

Also, if you use the site remember to post your opinion of your professors at the end of the semester to help out other people later. I try to always rate my professors, but sometimes I forget.