How to read a blog

Many people are still unaware of what a blog is, and how to navigate one. I am going to address how to navigate a blog in this post so if you are not familiar with blogs hopefully you will be more clear after reading this.

To start off, there is a lot of content that isn't on the front page. You can access this by clicking the labels on the right sidebar for different categories that posts are under. Another way to access them is by clicking in the archives, also in the right sidebar. Some of the most valuable content on this site is probably archived, so check out the archives for some more posts!

If you read the blog frequently, you should consider subscribing. You can subscribe by clicking on the orange box in the address bar or by choosing one of the subscribe links on the right side bar. If you put in your email address, posts will be emailed to you. If you subscribe through RSS, you can view it in a reader or in your favorites folder. I subscribe to many different blogs, because by doing this I can click on the RSS feed and see the title of all of the most recent posts. This way I can decide what I want to read without actually going to all of the different websites. This method helps me be more efficient in my time online.

Another option is to just bookmark this site. You can do that by either hitting "ctrl" and "D" at the same time, or clicking bookmarks and bookmark this page (Mozilla, may be different in other browsers).

One of the awesome things about blogs is you can respond to the posts through comments. This makes the articles interactive, and makes you feel more in touch between the author and the readers. Feel free to comment on all of the posts on this blog, just please don't spam the site.

Blogs are cool because they are free to access. Bloggers make money mainly off of ads, so if you wanted to support a particular blogger one good way would be by clicking on his ads. I don't like having ads all over the site, but I have put a few ads on here. I hope that they aren't intrusive or take away from the site as I have done my best to make them unobtrusive.

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