Move in day part II

Yesterday's move-in went pretty well. I have discovered a few more tips for moving into your dorm.
Don't forget to bring a lockable container. I brought a filing cabinet, because I like to have a lot of space to lock up food and dishes. They can also be useful for locking other things, such as bank statements, valuables, or anything else you don't want other people using or seeing.
Bring lots of stuff to put on the walls, because its better to have too much than too little. Make sure you talk to your roommate first before you hang stuff all over the walls, because you don't want to have any conflicts. Hanging stuff on the walls helps make you feel at home at college, and individualizes your dorm room to show a little bit of you. Personally, I hang up a lot of posters of bands and sports teams, as I have a lot of them and they take up a lot of space. I don't really like the colors of the walls, so I like to take up as much space as possible. Me and my roommate are both big Duke fans, so naturally we have a lot of Duke stuff in our room.
Another tip for move in day is don't get stressed about having stuff everywhere at first, because you will eventually find somewhere to put it, and will probably change the location 5 times before you decide where you will permanently keep it. I just throw my stuff in drawers all over the room, because I know that in the future I will be bored and have time to go through and organize everything, but at the time of move in I was more interested in meeting some new people than organizing my room.
And that reminds me, make sure you bring some storage containers. We have them all over our room, from pull out drawers to filing cabinets to bookshelfs. You will be surprised at how much junk you accumulate, and how much you can cram into a small dorm room with good use of storage containers.
You will probably also want to bring a fan, as it is hard for everyone to be comfortable at one temperature. It is also useful for drowning out noise at night when you are trying to sleep and everyone else is wanting to stay up partying. I run an air purifier and a fan to drown out noise, because I have trouble sleeping when hearing noises from people yelling or other random stuff.
Another very useful thing is either a curtain or a blanket to hang over a window. When you want to sleep in until early afternoon, and trust me sometimes you will, it is much easier if the light from the window is blocked.

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