Move in day

Today I am moving into my dorm, and thought I would share some tips for moving in. Because of the size of the typical dorm room in college, you have to be very organized and creative to get everything in. The first thing to do is move all the furniture around to where you want it before you move your junk in. I have discovered this the hard way, as it is very difficult to move furniture when there are boxes and junk sitting every where. Also, don't move in alone. If your parents aren't helping you, get some random people on the hall to help. There are normally people sitting around wasting time that wouldn't mind helping, and you can also use this opportunity to meet new people. My goal this year is to meet as many people as I can, because I believe that networking is one of the biggest advantages of going to college.

One big issue in moving in is your roommate. My roommate and I try to help when the other one moves in, because you need to coordinate with them about who gets which desk, dresser, closet, etc., and you don't want to start on the wrong foot with a new roommate. One of the biggest problems in college is roommate conflict, so it is best to try to avoid this from the start and try to keep things going smoothly.

I will be back either tonight or tomorrow with more information about moving into the dorm at college.

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