Discover Open Road Card

Are you looking for a credit card? I’ve never owned one until recently, but I decided that it would be good if I got one. I read a lot of blogs and reviews about different cards, and finally settled on the Discover Open Road Card for Students.

This card gives you 5% cash back on gas and auto maintenance purchases, and 1% on everything else. I applied for it and was approved quickly, and I got it in the mail a couple weeks ago and everything seems to be going good. I only use it for gas normally, unless something comes up and I don’t have enough money.

With this card you can view all your transactions online, and can get e-statements online instead of in the mail. I like this feature, because when I’m away at college it doesn’t do me much good for my bills to go to my parent’s house. I would recommend this card to college students with little or no credit, as they approve you on the basis that you’re enrolled in school, not how much money you have.

Click here for a link to sign up for this card