More MPG's with Acetone!

I have been analyzing my spending, and have realized that my two biggest expenses are gas and food. I'm still working on the food thing, but for gas I started doing some work on Google. I realized that I have two options: I can buy a small fuel efficient car, or I can make my truck more fuel efficient. I decided to go with the latter, because in the end that will be cheaper than buying another car, plus I don't like little cars.

After looking on Google some, I came across this website that this guy has made that talks about putting acetone in your gas and getting better mileage. At first I didn't believe it, and I'm still not convinced yet, but I was just enough intrigued to finish the article.

There are several reasons that this sounds legit to me. First of all, he emphasizes experimenting with it yourself and tracking the results. I don't see how he could make any money off of this, and it seems like he is legitimately looking for better gas mileage instead of just trying to rip you off like most people do.

Then I said, how come I haven't heard of this before? I think the oil industry is so powerful that they do their best to keep all of this out of the news. The article kind of alludes to this several times, but it just seems like everything is tied to the oil industry. All the politicians seem to have ties, rumors going around that the war is about oil, and some people are getting very rich off of it all. If it gets out that you can get significantly better gas mileage another way, then it will hurt them.

Anyway, without wasting anymore space, here is the link. Read it, if nothing else I think you'll find it interesting. I will probably try this if I ever get around to buying acetone and putting it in there. If I do I will give my results.

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