Eggs: the cheap, healthy, easy to make meal

I am hungry and have been looking around my dorm room for something to eat. My fridge has eggs, water and Gatorade in it. I have other random stuff sitting around that I could eat, but I just need something to hold me over, so I googled egg recipes and found some good stuff.

I discovered that eggs is one of the cheapest sources of protein that you can get. Protein is very important in your diet, because it will keep hunger away longer and it is essential to building and maintaining muscle. Now I am about to go make some hard-boiled eggs, the easiest snack available, and it will hold me over until dinner, when I begin the search for something healthy to eat again.

So, eggs are healthy, cheap, and easy to make. Every college student, no actually everyone in the world, should keep some in the fridge.

I hope this helps some hungry poor person somewhere, if not it helped me and I fit that description!
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