FinWeb=Awesome website

I have just discovered a great website that I can't believe I haven't heard about before! It has free information covering everything financial that you could ever have a question about. The website is FinWeb, and it is completely free.

FinWeb has information on every topic I could think of, from getting reverse mortgage loans to investments to debt consolidation and everything in between. At first glance I thought it was just a few pages of information, but then I realized that there are links at the top and down the left side of every page that are full of information. It also has a page of links to financial news sites and a directory of links for every category that it covers. This could be very useful as these links cover anything that wasn't covered on the site. This is one thing that makes FinWeb so great, it covers about everything and if it doesn't have an article on what you need it probably has a link to where you can find it!

This site is so useful because it is simple to navigate, it has a lot of information, and it is completely free. I have never seen a site so comprehensive over everything financial. Many sites have good information about getting a mortgage, or how to invest, but FinWeb covers everything all in one place. That is why I highly recommend this site, because it is like the Wal-Mart of finances! Everything you need under one roof!

There is a ton of information and it would take hours to read every article on there, but it is fairly easy to navigate and get right to what you are looking for. I have personally found it useful for tax information on a sole proprietorship, which I may be starting soon. I will definitely be visiting FinWeb some more when I get closer to starting it so that I don't have to scour the web for information, since this seems to have everything in one place! I will also use it for information about investing, as I need to do better on this in the New Year.

Besides one ad on the left side of the page, this site is ad free. I don't see how the owner of the site is making any money, but I can tell you it is great for information and I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear some big company like Forbes bought this site in the near future, because it has way to much information to be undiscovered. I would compare this site to HowStuffWorks, except FinWeb is less cluttered and covers finances.

FinWeb's mission statement basically says it is there to help Americans understand how to improve their financial situations, and I would say it has accomplished this mission well. Check this site out, click through the links at the top and on the left of every page, and bookmark it for future reference because even if you don't need it now, you will one day I promise.